Web-based custom application


One Off Solution has designed and developed, thanks to strong in-house expertise.

One Off Solution with the latest web technologies, an industrial web-based, open source solution, accessible from the entire company network and free of license fees for the management of production processes in different industries.

These solutions are fully customizable and adaptable to any type of application, they are designed alongside the customer following each customer’s needs. 

The advantages in adopting a web-based solution:

Architecture: server – client.

Reduced management costs: Web-based applications lower business management costs (saving user license costs).

Scalability: by their nature, Web applications are scalable solutions to a theoretically infinite number of users and clients. Web-based applications can grow along with the needs of the business. The company can request additional applications at any time.

No installation required: use of the application does not involve installation of dedicated software on client machines. The interface is managed with a common browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox). In case of malfunction of a client, it can be replaced with any client (brand, operating system) without the need for any configuration.

Data security: Web-based applications provide greater security; less risk of losing entered data to viruses.

Data storage: web applications ensure automatic data back up.

Software security: the user does not interact directly with the application server. Access to operating system resources can be minimized (e.g., by giving access to browser usage only). Therefore, the possibility of causing problems due to the user’s misuse of the client is reduced to zero.


Multi-user access: Web-based applications can be used by different users at the same time.

Freedom to work: Web-based applications leave the user free to be able to do their work from the place they see fit.

Data centralization: all data, software and components reside on the server, effectively making the system more secure and maintainable.

Low hardware requirements: since there is no need to install and configure any kind of software on the clients, these can have low hardware requirements: entry level PCs, Thin clients, tablets, smartphones.

Centralized upgrades: due to its server-client nature, programs can be upgraded by working only on the server and without any intervention on the clients. Upgrades are simple and fast and can be distributed via the Internet.

Ease of customization: web applications were born with the purpose of meeting the needs of the totality of companies and users. Therefore they lend themselves optimally to customization.

Ease of integration with third-party applications: integration with third-party applications such as management, ERP, MES is made much easier, also by virtue of the fact that most modern applications are developed with the same technology.

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